Four popular facial treatments in 2019

Women searched for different ways to make themselves prettier, younger and to be more satisfied with the way they look ever since the Earth was created. One of the most famous woman in history that started it all is Cleopatra.

Hydration Facial

Hydration facial treatment is the best because it nourishes and arouse the layers of your skin which are dry and flakey. This removes a layer of dead skin which will reveal young , vibrant, and hydrous skin beneath. “Hydration facials is one of our most popular services” says Starry, owner of Levo Spa Central

The sources said she couldn’t be seen outside without heavy makeup and that she took great care of her skin, if you ignore the fact that her makeup was made out of metal. Nowadays, every women knows that there is a great importance in taking care of their skin and therefore are in search for great facial treatments. Here I present you the four of most popular facial treatments in 2019.

The Eva Facial

The Eva facial is a new facial treatment that is being used in three phases – rejuvenation, conditioning and contouring. In the first phase specialists are using a micro-vibration method that helps in the mechanical peeling which helps skin rejuvenate. Second phase also use micro-vibrations but combined with rotation and pressure which helps in draining toxins and relaxing muscles. Third phase is all about the use of electrical pulse that helps different products to be absorbed deeper than usually. It all maybe sound a bit strange, but it’s worth a try.

Salt Facial

This facial treatment is in three phases as well as the previous one. These three phases includes exfoliation using fine salt, ultrasonic massage and the LED light therapy. Every phase has different purpose but combined all together improves skin texture, reduces signs of skin aging, reduces acne, helps collagen production etc. The final result is in healthier looking skin, as well as smoother and younger looking.

Superfruit Antioxidant Facial

Although this may sound like a smoothie recipe, it’s actually a facial treatment. Using fruits like acai berries, pomegranate or blueberries, specialists created a treatment that moisturize and tightens skin and helps skin to look more healthy and glowy. It’s full of vitamin C and different minerals that are directly applied onto your skin. If you like vitamins in your body, you’ll probably like it on your skin as well.

Envy Facial

Treatment that lasts half an hour helps in removing dead or damaged skin cells with infusing serum customised for your skin type. This treatment results in healthier and more beautiful looking skin and leaves you with some new skincare knowledge. At the same time, specialized doctor explains to you how to take good care of your skin while giving you some information about the mistakes in your skincare routine.

Whichever treatment you choose make sure to know what do you want as a final result and than investigate which of them is going to give you what you desire. It’s always better to be well informed than terribly surprised. Our skin is the largest organ we have that is always exposed which creates a need to protect it and help it a bit and great facial treatment from time to time can’t make any damage, it can just help to make you feel more beautiful and more confident.

The most famous Hair salons of all time and why

Who isn’t obsessed with beautiful hair? If you are one of those and if you love to travel, there are some ultimate locations where you can style your hair. They will do it, just the way you want or probably even better than you have imagined. Here, is a list of few salons you can look out for:

Twiggy (Tokyo): This is a frequent hangout of models in the fashion industry. They specialize in precision cutting techniques. Twiggy, uses natural organic products for their styling needs. The outdoor ambiance of the salon will surely mesmerize you.

Mariadowling (Dubai): This one is a popular salon in Dubai’s fashion circles. The owner of this salon is known as the ueen of colors’ for her perfect coloring techniques. If you intend to visit, you will have to do advance booking. They are an expert in cutting and colouring hair, which in their words is olouring with multiple shades’.

Barney Martins (Sydney): Barney Martins is located in Sydney’s Surry Hills area. They usually try out styles on your hair which can be easily reproduced at home. They are known to use best hair products and they are well known to adapt the latest trending hairstyle to suit your face. You will get a laid back Australian feel here.

Lounge Hair Salon (Bangkok): This is the best-known salon in Thailand. Started by a Thai supermodel, this meets the needs of Thai tourists. They provide a relaxing environment and you can be sure to leave with the style you want. All tourists and celebrities are treated equally and their stylists provide you a personal touch and perfect flawless colours to your hair.

Vangelis Hatzis (Athens): Vangelis Hatzis is a well known posh hair salon in Chalandri, Athens. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they adopt the hairstyle to suit or complement your personality perfectly.

Libor Sula the Salon (Prague): This one is a very famous salon in the Czech region; they claim to have won multiple hairdressing awards in Czech and Slovak region. This is considered a perfect place for a complete hair makeover. They believe in amplifying the beauty already evident in their client with flattering hairstyles. But, it is so popular that you will have to do advance booking!

David Mallett (Paris): This salon is considered the best in Paris. No wonder why it is a hangout of many fashion models, photographers, stylists in the fashion city. They are known to recreate trending, stylish hairstyles.

You will find this place extremely relaxing. This salon stands apart for it very high adherence to sticking to quality. Technical innovation is evident in all the products and types of equipment they use.

Josh Wood Atelier (London): Theirs is a creative hub concept. It is one of the most sought after salons in London. The team has expert technical and creative ability to create unique hairstyles for each individual that suits their personality. They also give additional touch by personalizing the colours to their hairstyles. They are known for the superior quality of hair cutting and styling.

The 7 Best juice blend combinations you can make at home

Blending juice at home can be a great idea and of vital significance to your health. Blending fruit and vegetable juice typically takes a few minutes at home, fruits and vegetables are loaded up with essential vitamins and minerals good for your body.

Blended fruit juice is delicious and can offer great refreshment. There are thousands of fruits and vegetables that can make great juice blend combinations.

Best Juice blend Combinations.

Here are some of the best juice blend combinations that are delicious and contain excellent mineral and nutrient combination for your body.

1.Bitter gourd, banana, and lemon.

However bitter gourd tastes a bit bitter it is good for your health, with bananas in this juice it is not going to be entirely bitter, bananas add sweetness to give you that perfect bittersweet taste. Lemon has always been a perfect companion in juices, its sweet scent and bitter tastes summarize the great taste and refreshment in this concoction.


This combination of fruits helps regulate blood sugar controlling diabetes.

This is an ideal drink for weight loss.

2. Avocado, cucumber, celery, and lemon

Avocado blend juice is quite dense, cucumber and celery have high water content hence ideal for reducing the thick nature of avocado juice making it light and easier to drink. Cucumber and celery have good cooling properties and this combination is ideal for hot humid climates.


Celery helps supply water to the body replenishing water lost through sweat. Cucumber adds vital vitamins to the body: vitamins A, B, and C, while lemon slows down oxidation.

3. Sugarcane, Carrot, and Ginger.

Sugarcane has natural sugars that make it an ideal choice over artificial energy drinks. Ginger and sugar give a great taste. Carrots are necessary for this juice blend to provide their natural earthiness.


Sugarcane creates alkaline conditions due to its high concentration in potassium, magnesium calcium and iron. This helps to prevent cancer.

4. Green Apple, Milk and Honey

Honey and green apple with a milky taste undoubtedly gives a great taste, however, milk should be added in smaller quantities.


Green apple has a considerably good amount of fiber essential for proper digestion and lowering of cholesterol levels.

5. Strawberry, Watermelon and Mint.

The resulting juice from this mix is quite light but very sweet and refreshing, thanks to the natural sweetness of strawberry. Mint makes the juice more refreshing and it is a great appetizer.


Watermelon contains high levels of vitamin A, B, and C. Mint helps relieve your stomach disorders and also helps the body maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

6. Mango, Orange, and Pineapple.

This sweet recipe features the delicacy that all these fruits carry. This combination brings a whole lot of nutrients and delicacy to the table. This is one of the best tropical concoctions.


Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C while pineapple brings much-needed beta-carotene and folate. Mangoes, on the other hand, have plenty of antioxidants required in the body.

7.Apple, Carrot, and Beetroot.

This mix is sweet and much appealing to the eye, beetroot gives the best taste and its color is appealing to the eye giving your appetite a boost.


Enough vitamins A and K.

Blended fruit juice is best taken when still fresh from the blender for better nutrient utilization and freshness.