Four popular facial treatments in 2019

Women searched for different ways to make themselves prettier, younger and to be more satisfied with the way they look ever since the Earth was created. One of the most famous woman in history that started it all is Cleopatra.

Hydration Facial

Hydration facial treatment is the best because it nourishes and arouse the layers of your skin which are dry and flakey. This removes a layer of dead skin which will reveal young , vibrant, and hydrous skin beneath. “Hydration facials is one of our most popular services” says Starry, owner of Levo Spa Central

The sources said she couldn’t be seen outside without heavy makeup and that she took great care of her skin, if you ignore the fact that her makeup was made out of metal. Nowadays, every women knows that there is a great importance in taking care of their skin and therefore are in search for great facial treatments. Here I present you the four of most popular facial treatments in 2019.

The Eva Facial

The Eva facial is a new facial treatment that is being used in three phases – rejuvenation, conditioning and contouring. In the first phase specialists are using a micro-vibration method that helps in the mechanical peeling which helps skin rejuvenate. Second phase also use micro-vibrations but combined with rotation and pressure which helps in draining toxins and relaxing muscles. Third phase is all about the use of electrical pulse that helps different products to be absorbed deeper than usually. It all maybe sound a bit strange, but it’s worth a try.

Salt Facial

This facial treatment is in three phases as well as the previous one. These three phases includes exfoliation using fine salt, ultrasonic massage and the LED light therapy. Every phase has different purpose but combined all together improves skin texture, reduces signs of skin aging, reduces acne, helps collagen production etc. The final result is in healthier looking skin, as well as smoother and younger looking.

Superfruit Antioxidant Facial

Although this may sound like a smoothie recipe, it’s actually a facial treatment. Using fruits like acai berries, pomegranate or blueberries, specialists created a treatment that moisturize and tightens skin and helps skin to look more healthy and glowy. It’s full of vitamin C and different minerals that are directly applied onto your skin. If you like vitamins in your body, you’ll probably like it on your skin as well.

Envy Facial

Treatment that lasts half an hour helps in removing dead or damaged skin cells with infusing serum customised for your skin type. This treatment results in healthier and more beautiful looking skin and leaves you with some new skincare knowledge. At the same time, specialized doctor explains to you how to take good care of your skin while giving you some information about the mistakes in your skincare routine.

Whichever treatment you choose make sure to know what do you want as a final result and than investigate which of them is going to give you what you desire. It’s always better to be well informed than terribly surprised. Our skin is the largest organ we have that is always exposed which creates a need to protect it and help it a bit and great facial treatment from time to time can’t make any damage, it can just help to make you feel more beautiful and more confident.