7 Bodyweight exercises (and their benefits) to do at home

Your body is your biggest possession, you need it to live a great life, so making sure that your body is healthy and in great shape is crucial. But sometimes life gets in the way, and you have no time to go to the gym. Or if you are at home stuck during quarantine, and the gym is closed, then how can you make sure that your body stays in shape? Here I will share with you some of the best bodyweight exercises that you can do from home as well as their benefits towards your health.


Squats are an essential work out due to the benefits. Squats can prevent injuries from happening, and that’s because squats promote the communication between your brains and muscles. Squats also increase the flexibility of your joints. Another benefit of doing squats is their support in burning fat and building muscles in your entire body.


Push-ups are also a cardio workout. Which means that works on your heart as well as reducing your chances of developing heart diseases or suffer a heart attack. Push-ups are a great exercise to improve your upper body strengthen, building the muscle in your arms, shoulders, and chest. Push-ups also improve your posture and promote the good health of your bones. You can always progress your push-ups and increase the intensity of your workout.


This fantastic workout is a mixture of planks and climbing a mountain. This workout helps you to lose calories and shed fat as well as toning your body. Mountain climbers also support the build your body strength, help you to achieve that flat stomach, because it focuses a lot on your core muscles. But one of the biggest perks of this workout is that it will help you to maintain your ideal body weight for longer!


V-ups are a strengthening bodyweight workout and work in so many areas at the same time. V-ups are an excellent exercise to challenge your core muscles. It also strengthens your back muscles and tones your abdominal area. But if you have any back or neck problems, you may want to avoid this workout, as it pushes those areas quite a lot.


This classic workout is another great exercise to do at home. It increases your legs strength, by building muscle, and works on your core as well. This workout is good as well to burn fat and to maintain your ideal body weight. It also promotes weight loss.


This workout is a more challenging version of the classic crunches, but it holds a lot of its benefits as well. It will increase your good posture. Because this exercise focuses a lot on your core area, it will build up and the strength of your abdominal area, not only that, but it will help you to tone and define your abs. Reverses crunches also help to improve the stability of your spine and lower back.


Don’t underestimate this workout, especially if you usually work on your computer because this work out will help you to prevent posture problems as well as protecting your spine. This workout helps with strengthening your core and stretching your upper body.

Don’t forget that exercise is an excellent way to support your body and mind wellbeing.